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Available Services

​*Services provided will be based on case-by-case treatment needs in collaboration with therapist


Individual sessions are available for those seeking to learn more about themselves, work towards change and improvement, learn coping skills, understand patterns of behavior, and just have a private space to focus on your needs. We will collaborate in working towards your life best lived.


Managing the relationships in our life is a challenging and demanding skill. If you are identifying patterns of impairments in important relationships in your life, struggling with professional or casual relationships, or experiencing distress and anxiety in relationships, I can provide interpersonal and mindfulness skills practice.


Family relationships become complex as maladaptive patterns and roles create obstacles in connection. I provide a safe space for family members to recreate, break down and rebuild patterns of communication as you work towards a cohesive family unit.


Anxiety has become a prominent concept in popular culture, though we lack the skills to cope with high levels of anxiety. If you experience anxiety, life impairments to relationships/work because of anxiety, or if you have been diagnosed with an anxiety-related disorder, I can provide services to learn how to live with anxiety and reclaim your life best lived.


Being in a relationship is a difficult process of ongoing hard work in uniting, connecting and repairing. I hope to join you and you partner(s) in learning more effective tools for communication, recreating trust, and understanding each other to continue growing together.


Personality disorders are highly stigmatized, though frequently misunderstood disorders. You may be struggling with managing relationships in your life, told you are "too sensitive", struggle with regulating emotions, or have struggled with thoughts of suicide or self-harm. I can provide a non-judgmental, validating environment for those ready to build alternative coping skills and ways of interacting in the world to reach your life best lived.


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