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Spice up your Halloween - October 28, 2022

Relationships definitely take work. As we get more comfortable with our partner/s, and daily obligations take over, we may temporarily prioritize other things to our relationship/s. Halloween is a great time to add some spice, because a big part of connection and intimacy is the fun! Here are a few ways you can enjoy this holiday together:

Get Cozy

With the weather getting cold, this is a great time to Netflix and Chill with some candles, cozy clothes, hot cider, and love-making by the fireplace. Quality time is an important love language that shows your partner their time and company is valuable to you and giving your full attention and being mindful can lead to further connection and appreciation in the relationship. Turning off your phone or the TV can give you a break from everyday distractions and obligations. You can use this time to reconnect by making a bonfire and feeding each other gooey s'mores, or star-gazing to get in the mood.

Get Scared

For some of us fear and sexual arousal go hand in hand. The adrenaline that pumps through your body during physiological arousal can make us giddy or even high. If you enjoy extreme sports or roller coasters, you might also get turned on by other activities the body perceives as adrenaline worthy. Scary movies are aware of this theory and are more than happy to cater to their fans by adding good looking actors and actresses. Linking that arousal to a sexy person gets us horror buffs in the mood. Try watching a scary movie, walking through a graveyard, or going to a haunted maze with your partner to get turned on together!

Role Play

If you want to dress up for Halloween, why not bring it to the bedroom. Role play is a creative way to explore and play out fantasies, be vulnerable with your partner, and increase pleasure. Role play can include dressing up in sexy costumes, taking on a role of a specific character or trait that is desirable, or playing out a scene that turns you on. Halloween is a great time to get into character because of the sales and the availability of costumes. It can also be fun to shop for costumes together. Talking about it and planning together can increase the fun through sexy anticipation.

I want Candy!

Here's the trick for your treats - it can be exciting to use candy during intimate play!

  • Peppermint candies/Junior Mints - peppermint is a natural stimulant and freshener. Oral play while holding a peppermint candy in your mouth or squeezing the mint filling on your partner/s body will leave them tingling. Plus, your partner/s will also be left with minty breath.

  • Pop rocks - these explosive candies can create a stimulating and tingling sensation during a make out session or oral play.

  • Twizzlers/Sour belts/Fruit-by-the-foot - these ropey treats can be tied together and used as edible binds in the bedroom. Sour belts and Fruit-by-the-foot can also be used as edible bra/panties/garters, even if they are not functional. For those who enjoy impact play, a bunch of twizzlers can be used as a cat-o-nine tails.

  • Chocolate - playing with melted chocolate can be a sensual experience. Make sure to melt the chocolate and let it cool a bit before drizzling on your partner. Try painting your partner with the melted chocolate and licking them clean for a pleasurable sensation.

This holiday is not just for kids - it's also a great time for adult fun. Every day is a new opportunity for reconnection and sexual intimacy is an important expression of this connection. Halloween provides us a great excuse to make your time together more special and intimate. Have a sexy Halloween!

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